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Before you begin Before you begin this exercise, you should have AutoCAD 2010. However, you can still follow along and work with Map 3D 2009. At the very minimum, you will need to have AutoCAD 2010 to be able to save and edit a map file. Although you can open and edit a map file with AutoCAD Map 3D 2008, you will have to create a new map file if you want to save any changes. To create a map file, use the Layer Manager. To create a map file Follow these steps to create a new map file: 1. Open AutoCAD 2010, and choose File⇒New. 2. Choose Map from the File Type drop-down list. 3. Navigate to the Map 3D 2009 library and select the Map.mxd file. 4. Type a name for the new file. 5. Click OK. In this exercise, you will use the Map layer to create a new map file with the name Canada_Landuse_2004_10.mxd. This file will store information about Canada's land use, which is used to provide Canadians with information about how to use the land. Creating a layer Follow these steps to create a new map layer: 1. From the Layers panel, click the Map layer (which is in the map space). 2. Choose Map, the Type of the layer. 3. Choose Create. 4. In the Name list, select the Canada Land Use layer. 6. To view the layer, choose Layers from the View tab and click the Canada Land Use layer. 7. To remove the layer, choose Delete from the Layers panel. 8. After you have completed this exercise, you can delete the layer to free up space on your hard disk. Editing map layers When you save a map file, the map layers are automatically imported into the map space and organized. You can adjust these map layers, but you cannot modify the layers themselves. You can only make a copy of the layer and then modify that copy. The original layer remains intact. If you want to edit the layer, you have two ways to accomplish this task: Open the layer in a Map Viewer window. This window gives you access to edit the




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Autocad Map 3d 2009 Crack Free Download

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